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ALTE wishes to thank the sponsors of the 1st International Digital Symposium, which has allowed us to run this exciting event and provide low delegate admission rates.


Founded and headquartered in Ankara, the Yunus Emre Institute is an admired public institution running more than 58 cultural centres abroad. The Institute organises courses for teaching Turkish and supports related scientific research and studies. Besides the Turkish language and literature training held in the many cultural centres, departments of Turkology and Turkish teaching are supported by co-operation with various educational institutions in many countries. The Institute has a department dedicated to assessing Turkish language skills, which develops and administers Turkish proficiency exams three times a year. The Institute also organises numerous national and international activities promoting Turkish art and culture. Its aim is to increase the number of people who are fond of Turkey around the world and also to enhance its recognition, credibility, and prestige in the international arena.

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ProctorExam is a fast-growing technology company based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Founded in 2014, with the mission of making education more accessible by facilitating the delivery of secure online exams. Our web-based platform enables students to take control of their education and allows institutions to provide greater flexibility in a cost-effective, scalable way. The platform removes the need for the exam taker to be present at the testing facility while upholding the integrity of the certifications.

To date, the platform has connected millions of test-takers, across 194 countries, to take an exam remotely, whether it is to complete a university semester, take a language test, start driving a drone or validate a medical certification.

Privacy and the candidate’s experience have always been at the core of our operations, having introduced the first additional mobile camera option to facilitate security verifications. Today, millions of minutes are spent on our platform each month.

In 2020 alone, ProctorExam helped institutions deliver over 2,000,000 secure remote exam sessions.

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The British Council builds connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and other countries through arts and culture, education and the English language. We help young people to gain the skills, confidence and connections they are looking for to realise their potential and to participate in strong and inclusive communities. We support them to learn English, to get a high-quality education and to gain internationally recognised qualifications. Our work in arts and culture stimulates creative expression and exchange and nurtures creative enterprise.

Through our work in English and Exams, we provide high quality English language learning, teaching and assessment for individuals and organisations worldwide. Every year, three million people globally take international exams with us that help them enter studies and improve their employment prospects.

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The Goethe-Institut is the Federal Republic of Germany's cultural institution. Our purpose is to promote the study of German as a foreign language and to encourage international cultural exchange.

Our examinations correspond to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and range from A1 for beginners to C2 for language skills at the highest level. Approximately 700,000 exams are taken per year in more than 500 centres around the world. They are accepted as proof of German language skills by employers and further education institutions worldwide and are used for assessing German language competence in the context of migration and integration, family reunion and citizenship application.

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ALTE - the Association of Language Testers in Europe is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered in England, charity number 1184799.

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