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ALTE Members test 

                  24 languages 

from 21 European countries

and Institutional Affiliates

represent other 16 languages

from Europe and beyond.

ALTE supports the learning, teaching and testing of all languages, including regional and sign languages. ALTE's quality standards were designed with this diversity in mind, and can help both the largest exam boards and those with only a few candidates per year. 

All languages matter...

ALTE members and affiliates represent a wide range of national and regional languages, including the "big" languages in Europe but also many of the less widely-spoken ones. Our democratic voting system gives the same weight to all languages (1 vote per institution, regardless the language represented), which ensure that the interests of all languages are fully considered when taking any decisions within ALTE. 

... including sign languages

Since 2012, ALTE also recognises sign languages in its constitution. Although we do not have any ALTE Members yet representing sign languages, we do our utmost to include sign language users and researchers in our discussions. The most recent event was a panel on sign language testing research which took place at the ALTE 6th International Conference in Bologna (May 2017). 

Fairness and quality for all

ALTE aims to ensure the fairness and quality of language examinations, regardless of the language being tested or the number of candidates sitting the exam. As a result, ALTE has developed a unique Quality Management System (QMS) for tests of any language and size. ALTE members meet regularly to discuss the challenges faced by their organisations, and how the ALTE QMS helps them ensure the fairness and quality of their examinations. 

Sharing best practices across Europe

ALTE events provide a unique platform where experts working in very different contexts can discuss common issues in language testing. ALTE events take place all over Europe, from Norway to Italy and from Portugal to Lithuania. Our aim is to reach as many experts and practitioners as possible. ALTE events also include presentations by local experts and organisations, which helps sustain the diversity of languages and views in the language assessment field. 

 ALTE - the Association of Language Testers in Europe is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered in England, charity number 1184799.

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